Golf-Specific Fitness

  • The Best Stick Mobility Exercises for Golf
    Stick Mobility is one of the best fitness tools for golfers. It is an incredible tool for increasing strength, flexibility, and mobility in your golf swing.
  • What are the Best Back Stretches for Golfers?
    You demand a lot from your back during a round of golf. Taking good care of your back can be the difference between an injury or the best round of your life.
  • Best Kettlebell Golf Exercises for Results on the Course
    Are you looking for strength, stability, and rotational power? Kettlebell exercises can take your golf game to the next level.
  • What Are the Best Shoulder Stretches for Golf?
    Shoulder flexibility can be the difference between a consistent golf swing and an inconsistent golf swing. They need to powerful, yet loose and flexible.
  • The Best Stick Mobility Stretches for Golf
    Stick Mobility movements blend well with golf movements. No matter your fitness level, they can help your swing because they are challenging and low impact.
  • What are the Best Explosive Exercises for Golf?
    Performing explosive movements can train your body to move efficiently through dynamic movements like the golf swing. You can gain distance by being explosive.
  • Swing Strong: The Best Resistance Band Golf Exercises
    Resistance band exercises can add some serious speed to your golf swing. They are great for golfers wanting speed, strength, stability, and flexibility.
  • Strengthen Your Upper Body for Better Golf Performance
    A strong upper body is crucial for creating power and maintaining stability during swings. It’s not as important as your legs and core, but it still has a role.
  • Strong Legs, Stronger Swings: The Best Golf Leg Exercises
    For golf, it’s essential to focus on lower body exercises that improve your stability, power, and rotational strength.
  • The Best Golf Swing Trainer Drills to Increase Speed
    Swing trainers are great for feel and rhythm in your golf swing. Could they also be an effective exercise tool?
  • The Unique Benefits of Golf-Specific Fitness
    Golf is not a sport of raw intensity. It is a sport of precision, balance, and power. That is why golf fitness is viewed differently than regular old fitness.
  • Golf Gains X Bodyweight Workout
    Golf has an unusual combination of power, explosiveness, mobility, and coordination. This workout routine is geared towards those who haven’t spent much time in the gym, but are looking for that extra edge on the golf course.