The Best Stick Mobility Stretches for Golf

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Stick Mobility is an incredibly simple fitness tool for those looking to improve flexibility, strength, and posture. It is literally a stick, that is how simple it is. I was fortunate to find Stick Mobility at a commercial gym a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.

Stick mobility movements blend so well with golf movements. They can help your golf swing regardless of your current fitness level because they are challenging, yet low impact. I have found that Stick Mobility allows you to stretch and strengthen your body in ways no other fitness tool can.

Where Can I Find Stick Mobility?

Stick Mobility equipment is only sold on their website at or on Amazon.

Best Golf Mobility Tool
Stick Mobility: Improve Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength for Golf

Stick Mobility increases the mobility of your hips, spine, shoulders, and back. Your golf game will never be the same.

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When I first saw Stick Mobility equipment at my local gym, I wondered if a regular wooden dowel or pvc pipe would do the same thing. The wooden dowel works for a lot of the exercises, but it doesn’t have the flex you need for some of the movements.

Using a 6 foot length of schedule 80 pvc pipe is plain dangerous. It has the flex you are looking for, but it has the potential to fail in a catastrophic way. It will send sharp pieces of pvc pipe everywhere if you bend it too far.

The Stick Mobility equipment is designed to flex and return to the original position. It is designed to handle all the loads you place on it while bending and hanging. It is a brilliant piece of engineering in such a simple form: an orange stick.

Here are some of the best Stick Mobility golf stretches:

1. Hip Openers

The hips get so tight as you sit throughout the day. Keeping your hips mobile and strong is a huge challenge as you spend most of your day behind a computer screen or sitting. Tight hips can kill your golf swing. This exercise will help open up your hips and get them feeling mobile again.


  1. Grab a 6 foot mobility stick with your right hand and place one end on the floor so the stick is straight up and down
  2. Assume a half kneeling position with your left foot forward.
  3. Place the end of the mobility stick about 12 inches away from your left foot.
  4. With only your right hand on the mobility stick, reach up and grip the stick as high as you can. You will feel a big stretch on the right side of your body.


  1. Keeping your torso upright and your right arm straight, slowly move your right arm backwards as you twist your torso.
  2. You will feel a big stretch down your right side and into your hip.
  3. Gently rock your hips to feel for any “sticking” points.
  4. Slowly move your arm from front to back until you feel limber.
  5. Complete the same movement on your left side.
  6. Shoot for 2 deep stretches of 20-30 seconds on each side

Hip Openers Tips

Hip Openers can require some good grip strength to hold onto the mobility stick. Don’t feel bad if you need to stop and start a few times because your grip is getting weak. Here are some tips:

  • Wait for the hip stretch. You will initially feel a big stretch in your lats and back, but your hips will open up as you continue the stretch.
  • Adjust your position, if necessary. If you don’t feel a good stretch, try moving your back foot farther away and move your hips in a gentle circular motion.

2. Half Kneeling Back Swims

I would argue that nothing loosens up your lower back and hips quite like these. Half kneeling back swims mimic the back swing and follow through in a gentle motion. They combine lower back extension with some side bend in an extremely effective way.

Your arms will be limited in this movement, allowing your hips, core, and back to do all the work.


  1. Grab a 6 foot or 7 foot mobility stick and place it on your back like you are preparing for barbell squat.
  2. Lunge forward and assume a half kneeling position.
  3. Keep your torso upright and align your hips under your torso.
  4. Find a comfortable grip width on the mobility stick as it lays across your shoulders.
  5. Flex your abs to create a stable core. This stretch requires stability to perform correctly


  1. Rotate your torso to the right and dip the right end of the mobility stick down toward the floor.
  2. Keeping the right end of the mobility stick down, move the right end forward and rotate your torso back to the left.
  3. Continue rotating your torso to the left and dip the left end of the mobility stick toward the ground.
  4. Now keep the left end of the mobility stick down and move the left end forward. Rotate your torso back to the right.
  5. This motion will feel like you are using a kayak paddle to paddle backwards.
  6. Repeat this motion with the other foot forward in the half kneeling position.
  7. Aim for 2 sets of 10 reps on each side.

Half Kneeling Back Swims Tips

If it helps, just imagine you are paddling a kayak backwards in a controlled motion. You will feel your range of motion increase as you repeat the movement. Here are some good tips:

  • Use padding under your knee. It can get uncomfortable on your back knee if your are on a firm surface. You may want to use a folded yoga mat or other padding to prevent any discomfort.
  • Try various grip widths. Place your hands narrow and wide to find your grip. Some grips may be more comfortable than others.

3. T-Spine Rotations

If you struggle to make a full turn on your backswing, this is the stretch for you. T-spine rotations with the assistance of a mobility stick can increase your range of motion significantly. Just don’t try to increase your range of motion all at once – it takes time.

Here’s how to perform a T-Spine Rotation:


  1. Grab a 6 foot or 7 foot mobility stick and place it in front of you on the ground.
  2. Kneel down on a yoga mat or other firm, comfortable surface.
  3. Using both hands, grasp the mobility stick with an underhand grip.
  4. Move your hands as far away from each other as possible on the mobility stick. Keep a centered grip on the stick.
  5. You will now be in a kneeling position, torso upright, with the mobility stick stretched across your chest.


  1. Hinging at the hips, rotate your torso and place the left end of the mobility stick to the right of your body on the floor.
  2. Push with your left hand and pull with your right, while keeping your arms straight.
  3. Open up your torso and focus on stretching your thoracic spine.
  4. This position may be challenging, so don’t push through discomfort.
  5. Aim for 2 sets of 20-30 seconds holds on each side.

T-Spine Rotations Tips

Your thoracic spine will be tight if you are sitting for most of the day. Be sure to ease into this stretch and warm up your back first. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Adjust the mobility stick placement. Try placing the end of the mobility stick on the ground at different distances from your body. The more distance between you and the mobility stick, the more difficult the stretch.
  • Open up your chest. A focused effort to open your chest is the best way to get a good stretch through your thoracic spine.

4. Shoulder Dislocates

The name sounds painful – but the stretch is actually great. Shoulder dislocates open up your shoulders and improve the health of the overall joint. It targets all the major muscles in your shoulder and reduces your risk for shoulder injury.


  1. Grab a 6 foot or 7 foot mobility stick.
  2. Hold it in front of you at hip height, like you have just completed a deadlift.
  3. Take a wide grip on the mobility stick. As you get more comfortable, you can narrow your grip.


  1. Keeping your arms straight, swing the mobility stick up and away from you.
  2. Using the momentum, allow the mobility to stick to travel up and over your head.
  3. Relax your shoulders and keep the mobility stick moving all the way behind you, until it rests against your lower back.
  4. Return the mobility stick along the same path.
  5. If you can’t make this motion, widen your grip. If you don’t feel any stretch, narrow your grip until you do.
  6. Shoot for 2 sets of 10 reps.

Shoulder Dislocates Tips

If you have any shoulder problems, please don’t do these. There are certain shoulder conditions that don’t allow for this type of movement. Here are some helpful tips:

Relax your shoulders. You want them to move freely through the whole range of motion and open up the joint space.

Make sure you have room. This movement requires a good amount of space. If someone walks by they could take a good hit.

5. External Shoulder Stretch

Externally rotating your shoulder is challenging if you work at a desk throughout the week. Losing the ability to externally rotate your shoulder causes issues on the back swing. External rotation is what helps to create the highly sought after “in to out” swing path. This shoulder stretch will increase your shoulder mobility and make it easy to externally rotate your shoulder.


  1. Grab a 6 foot or 7 foot mobility stick.
  2. In a standing postion, place the mobility stick under your right elbow/tricep and grab the end of the stick with your right hand.
  3. Keep your torso upright and grab the other side of the stick with your left hand.


  1. Lift up on on the mobility stick with your left hand until you feel comfortable stretch.
  2. Try to keep your body stable and allow the stick to only stretch your right shoulder.
  3. Repeat with the other shoulder.
  4. Aim for 2 sets of 30 seconds on each side.

External Shoulder Stretch Tips

This is the simplest stretch on the list, but it is critical for the golf swing. You need to be able to externally rotate your trail shoulder to get the club into the “slot”. Here are some good tips:

Don’t push it. The shoulder joint can be delicate. Aim for a gentle stretch and hold it there.

Hold the stick still. Don’t rock or move the stick during the stretch to get a deeper stretch. You could injury your shoulder.

Stick Mobility Stretches Final Thoughts

Stick Mobility is an incredible fitness tool that every golfer should have in their arsenal. You will be amazed at how much your flexibility and mobility can improve by doing these Stick Mobility stretches on a consistent basis. Most golfers don’t have the advantage of being active all day long. These stretches will give tremendous help to those who are stuck at a desk for much of the week.

Best Golf Mobility Tool
Stick Mobility: Improve Flexibility, Mobility, and Strength for Golf

Stick Mobility increases the mobility of your hips, spine, shoulders, and back. Your golf game will never be the same.

Get Stick Mobility on Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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