Maxfli Tour X CG Golf Ball 2024: The New Standard

The Maxfli Tour X became wildly popular when MyGolfSpy deemed it one of the best balls of 2021. With a score of 91/100, it has been all the craze on golf forums because of it’s performance at a lower price point. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype for the average golfer.

Origin Story

Maxfli has been one of the most up and down brands in golf. It began producing balls in the 1920s and was featured on in nearly every tour through the remainder of the 1900s. Maxfli really made it when they produced the Revolution model in the early 2000s to compete with the Titleist ProV1. They also released the wildly popular Maxfli Noodle around the same time at a lower price point.

maxfli tour x golf ball sleeve
Sleeve of Maxfli Tour X golf balls

Seeing the success that Maxfli was having, Taylormade decided to purchase Maxfli in 2002. Just six years later, in 2008, Dick’s Sporting Goods purchased the brand from Taylormade. What’s the only thing Taylormade wanted to keep in their portfolio after the purchase? The freaking Noodle. So the noodle is still a Taylormade Noodle, but everything else is Maxfli.

There are three different models of the Maxfli Tour golf balls:

Each has a soft urethane cover and is manufactured in the same facility. For this review, I am going to focus on the Maxfli Tour X.


The Maxfli Tour X is a true premium tour golf ball. It is not missing any of the features of the ProV1, TP5, Chrome Tour, or Srixon Z-Star golf balls. The only thing is missing is the price tag of 59.99 a dozen.

The online golf community recognizes a good value when they see one. That’s why the Kirkland Signature V3 and the Maxfli Tour X are arguably the most talked about golf balls in the online world.

Here are some of the impressive features of the Maxfli Tour X golf ball:

Thin Cast Urethane Cover

The urethane cover on the Maxfli Tour X is thin. Very thin. The process to create a cast urethane cover is expensive, but it allows the cover to be thin and durable. By comparison, the Kirkland Signature V3 has a TPU injected urethane cover that is noticeably thicker than the Maxfli Tour X.

The manufacturing process to provide a urethane cover is expensive and usually drives the cost of the ball up. The thinner the cover, the more difficult the manufacturing process. It is incredible that engineers have been able to create cover that is thin, responsive, and durable. The Maxfli Tour X definitely has all three of those characteristics.

4-Piece Construction

The Maxfli Tour X golf ball has a 4-piece construction that features a large center core, two thin mantle layers, and super thin urethane cover. Golf ball manufacturers have been playing around with 4-piece balls for some time now just trying to find the magic formula. Some have a 2-piece core and some have a 2-piece mantle.

After cutting the Maxfli Tour X in half, it is obvious that they have gone with the 2-piece mantle.

Because of it’s 4-piece construction, the Maxfli Tour X is very firm and is designed for high swing speeds. Not everyone can reap the benefits of a 4-piece golf ball, but the golfers who really crush it will see some benefits.

In my experience, the construction of this ball was a good fit for my swing speed. I’ve been in the 118-120mph driver speed for the past year and have been loving the Maxfli Tour X.

Performance Analysis

As always, I took this ball to the golf simulator and hit it with a variety of clubs. For the performance review, I collected the data from Driver, 7-iron, and 56 degree. I also hit a couple dozen putts to see how it rolled. Here’s what I found:

Ball data for Maxfli Tour X

Distance (10/10)

I hit my longest drive of the year so far with this ball, so I might be a little biased. I cranked one 337 yards with my driver and it felt incredible. When the Maxfli Tour X is hit well, it launches off the face of your club. You know when you’ve compressed it correctly because it feels and sounds incredible off the driver.

Spin (9/10)

The spin was phenomenal with the Maxfli Tour X. Irons and Wedges had great decent angles and held the greens well.

maxfli tour x golf ball packaging
Sleeve of Maxfli Tour X golf balls

My only beef was the spin on the driver. If you hit one a little off center, had a bad swing path, or didn’t square up the face just right, that ball was gone. It rewards you when you hit it well with the driver, but it penalizes you like crazy when you hit it poorly.

Greenside (10/10)

The Maxfli Tour X is everything you want around the greens. It is responsive and has great feel for a firmer golf ball. I spent several hours doing pitch shots, chips, and bunker shots with this ball and it performed better than I expected. Kudos to Maxfli for that.

Feel (9/10)

Feel is always subjective, but I really enjoy the feel of the Maxfli Tour X. I would say it fits in the very firm category. As I’ve said before, I like the feel of a firmer ball. I like the audible “click” when struck well around the green.

The Maxfli Tour X has an audible “click” but it is not obnoxious. It is confidence inducing “click” that makes me really enjoy this ball. It felt smooth off the putter despite the clicky pitches and chips.

I played this ball in cold weather and did not enjoy it quite as much. It got much too firm, and the feedback on a bad shot was a bit much. But that is my only knock on the feel of the Maxfli Tour X.

Durability (10/10)

Shock and awe. The Maxfli Tour X made it through an entire round without any noticeable scuffs or wear of any kind. It had a few grass stains, but that was all. Very impressive for a ball that costs so little compared to other premium tour balls.

maxfli tour x golf ball review
Maxfli Tour X Golf Ball

I also pounded the Maxfli Tour X at the golf simulator without wear of any kind. Usually the paint starts to wear off by the end of a session on the simulator, but this ball held up.

I’m usually okay with losing a ball or two per round because I think it was getting “worn out” anyways. The Maxfli Tour X makes me a little sad when I lose one because I know it was still in good shape.

Price (9/10)

The Maxfli Tour X costs $39.99 per dozen or $119.99 per 4 dozen. That’s a cost of $3.33 or $2.49 per ball, respectively. Other premium tour balls cost $5 or more per ball, so the Maxfli Tour X is a great value for what you are getting. The only golf ball that might be a better value is the Kirkland Signature V3.


The Maxfli Tour X is a clean, bright white. A major difference between premium golf balls and regular golf balls is the whiteness of the ball. The Maxfli Tour X nailed the bright white color.

maxfli tour x golf ball color
Maxfli Tour X compared to Kirkland V3

I think the Maxfli Tour X is closest in feel to the Titleist ProV1x golf ball. They are both 4-piece balls that are firm and have a soft cast urethane cover. If you covered up the logos, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It is also close in feel the Srixon Z-Star XV.

If you like the feel of the Titleist ProV1x or the Srixon Z-Star XV, then the Maxfli Tour X might be a cheaper alternative for you.

Our Experience

I bought a dozen of the Maxfli Tour X golf balls and have zero regrets. In fact, I would be searching through my bag hoping to find another one if I lost a ball. I’d have no problem putting this ball into play every round.

The only issue I would have is with driver. If I was struggling with my driver for some reason, I would keep this ball in the bag. It seems to make good driver shots better and bad driver shots worse.

Pros & Cons

  • Great value (39.99 per dozen)
  • Ideal for high swing speeds
  • Thin Cast Urethane Cover
  • Great performance from tee to green
  • Incredible feel
  • Crazy long distance
  • Clean white color
  • Unforgiving when struck poorly with driver
  • Slow swing speeds may not get the benefits
  • May cause sadness when you lose a ball

Overall Rating


I really enjoy playing the Maxfli Tour X. I believe they perform beyond expectations and deserve the 9.5/10 rating. They stack up against the best premium golf balls that golf has to offer. The price is hard to beat for a 4-piece golf ball at $39.99 per dozen.

You would make no sacrifices playing the Maxfli Tour X over any other premium 4-piece ball.

Final Verdict

The Maxfli Tour X golf ball meets all my expectations for a 4-piece cast urethan golf ball. This ball is perfect for high swing speeds and those who are confident with their driver. There’s a reason online golf forums went nuts when this ball was released.

This seems like the ideal ball for anyone with a high swing speed and a handicap of 0-10.

The final verdict is this: Maxfli Tour X is an incredible golf ball at an affordable price.

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