Surprise Mom with These Mother’s Day Golf Gifts

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Buying a gift for mom can be challenge. If she likes to golf, it’s a little bit easier to find that perfect gift.

Golf has become more and more popular among women, for good reason! Have you seen your local golf course on Ladies’ League night? It’s impressive, and I love it.

We have a helpful list of gifts for your golf-loving Mom on Mother’s Day.

Gift Tips for Mother’s Day

It’s hard to tell your mom how much she means to you. You can sit there and think, and think, and think, and never come up with a good idea.

Here’s a suggestion for helping you figure it out:

  • Think about the activities she enjoys. If she enjoys golf, congrats! You’ve landed on the perfect post.
  • Spend time with her. Sometimes the best gift for mom is your time. It’s even better if you can spend that time with her on the golf course.
  • Don’t overspend if she’s frugal. She might not enjoy the gift as much if she knows you overspent on it. Be conscious of how your mom feels about “luxury” items.
  • Find something personal. Find something that tells her that you know her. I’d suggest always including a heartfelt note or card.

If you’re having a hard time deciding, check out our favorite golf gifts for mom:

1. STICKIT Magnetic Golf Towel

I received a STICKIT golf towel for my birthday this year. I absolutely love it.

At first, a magnetic golf towel seems gimmicky and unnecessary. Then I used it for a few rounds and realized how convenient it is to carry to the green, tee box, or sand trap. It’s super portable and easy to pick up with your wedge or putter.

The design is great and durability is unmatched.

If your Mom golfs, she would love a STICKIT golf towel to add to her golf bag.

STICKIT Magnetic Golf Towel

The ultimate GRAB-N-GO Golf towel. The powerful magnet offers ultimate convenience. Stick it on your Golf Cart, Golf Clubs, or any conveniently placed metal object. Snaps to irons, wedges, and putters for fast, on-the-go pickup around the green.

Get STICKIT Golf Towel on Amazon
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2. Personalized Golf Balls

Do you know what model of golf ball your mom uses?

If so, buy her some personalized golf balls! They are fun, creative, and she’ll always need more golf balls.

Here’s a couple ideas for personalization:

  • Simple: Add her name
  • Put photos of her kids or grandkids
  • Add funny quotes or pictures
  • Put “I ❤️MOM”
  • Think and be creative!

I love finding personalized golf balls on the golf course. They always give me a good laugh when I see how creative people are.

I received personalized golf balls as a Christmas gift one year. They were fun to use on the golf course and I always knew what ball was mine!

Personalized Golf Balls for Mom

Personalized golf balls are a fun way to show off your personality on the golf course.

Get Personalized Golf Balls
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3. Golf Socks

Everyone loves a fun pair of socks.

You don’t need to save the socks for a Christmas gift, use them for Mother’s Day!

These golf socks from Hot Sox are comfy, light weight, and perfect for showing off during Ladies’ League at the local golf course.

A stylish pair of golf socks is an inexpensive, thoughtful gift for a mom who loves golf.

Hot Sox Womens Golf Socks

Effortless comfort and premium design make these golf socks perfect for rambling through the course.

Get Womens Golf Socks
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4. Funny Golf Towels

Golf towels get old, dirty, and worn out. Mom could always use a new golf towel to hang on her bag.

Does your mom have a sense of humor? Then buy her some new golf towels that will make her laugh!

This is another inexpensive gift that is thoughtful and funny.

Funny Golf Towels for Mom

You can get these golf towels your mom, wife, girlfriend, or sister who has a sense of humor and loves to play golf.

Get Funny Golf Towels
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5. Score Counter Bracelet

I struggle to keep score as I move through a round. Mom might struggle with the same thing.

A score counter bracelet is both stylish and effective. It fit’s tightly around the wrist so it’s not annoying during your swing.

Check out this score counter bracelet if your mom enjoys jewelry and golf. It could be the perfect gift!

Golf Goddess Score Counter Bracelet

The first beautiful bracelet to track golf strokes per hole; replaces the need for a counter attached to a belt or golf bag

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6. Blue Tees Rangefinder

Blue Tees is the most popular rangefinder on the market. It offers all the features of a premium rangefinder at half the price.

Mom could still be using a rangefinder from the 1990s and is due for an upgrade.

The Blue Tees Series 3 Max is easy to use and a major upgrade over older rangefinders.

Series 3 Max Golf Rangefinder for Mom

This rangefinder offers the most advanced software, next-generation design, ultra-premium materials, and a weather-proof case, all for a fraction of the cost compared to the competition.

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7. Orange Whip Swing Trainer

If she doesn’t have an Orange Whip already, it is time.

The Orange Whip will help her with tempo, swing plane, and coordination. It’s an awesome tool to have in your bag for warming up.

She can try some of these swing trainer drills if you get her the Orange Whip.

If your mom is serious about golf, the orange whip is a great gift. If she is more casual, it might be better to pick something else.

Orange Whip Mid-Size Trainer for Mom

Voted the #1 swing trainer in golf by PGA and LPGA Professionals and used by hundreds of Tour Pros.

Get Orange Whip Trainer
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Final Thoughts

I hope you find the perfect gift for your golf-loving mom. She would love any gift that is thoughtful and personalized (and golf related).

Remember, a gift might not be the only thing your mom needs. Try to spend some quality time with her this Mother’s Day, hopefully at the golf course.

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